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Michelle Doll

Artist Survey

For Artspeak’s Artist Survey, our publishing director Atesh M. Gundogdu emailed some of his favorite artists few questions. He asked them about their exhibitions, their thoughts and some quirkier personal questions. Here are some answers from Michelle Doll for the upcoming exhibition “"As Above, So Below"

Dave Muller

Artist Survey

In over fifty new paintings depicting the circular labels of assorted vinyl albums and singles, Muller draws upon his endless fascination and encyclopedic knowledge of music and its capacity to shape both individual and cultural identities. Dave Muller answers our publishing director Atesh's questionnaire.

until June 30, 2018

Ahmet Polat

Artist Survey

Ahmet Polat answers our publishing director Atesh M. Gundogdu"s questionnaire. This phenomenal photographer takes truly memorable photographs and takes and creates impressive transmedial projects, all combined in a remarkable track record.