Ahmet Polat

Ahmet Polat

For Artspeak’s Artist Survey, our publishing director Atesh M. Gundogdu emailed some of his favorite artists few questions. He asked them about their exhibitions, their thoughts and some quirkier personal questions. Here are some answers from Ahmet Polat

Polat not only tells different stories in his photographs, but in his projects, he also strives, systematically, to grasp the life within a given environment. He examines each story with its characters, relives it, ponders upon it, questions it and seizes it in order to establish a raison d’être. He recaptures the fabric of life through the faces he reflects. He chooses to share purely and honestly, the extant, sieved through his past, his vision and his daily experiences.

Atesh M. Gundogdu: Why photography?

Ahmet Polat: It was the medium of choice of the 20th century. I grew up during its hi-days. So obviously photography was a good place to start making work and telling stories. 

AMG: What is your art for?

AP: To observe, connect and reflect. 

AMG: What Istanbul emotions are you channeling into your art?

AP: A complex relationship between the raw emotions of the city combined with the poetic heritage 


AMG: What would you cite as your formative influences?

AP: The earthquakes in Turkey in 1999 where my most formative years. This is when I made most of my friends form istanbul , I connected to the art world and I knew I wanted to create a social impact. 

AMG: What is the relationship in your work between meaning and aesthetics?

AP: There is a strong relationship between the aesthetic of and the content of the work. For every project I think about what to do which technique I’ll use and why. 


AMG: What do you think is more important in life: Self-actualization or making art?

AP: Having Social impact through Art .

AMG: Which art exhibition was the most influential in your professional journey?

AP: There are several but one of my favorites was AngloMania: Tradition and Transgression in British Fashion. Metropolitan. 

AMG: What images keep you company in the space where you work?

AP: I’m lucky to have several of my early exhibitions work having in my space . So from Dark Moon to Kemal’s Dream there is always something to look at. 


AMG: What is your favorite ritual?

AP: Trimming my beard. 

AMG: Who would you most want to meet?

AP: Elon Musk to just talk about the future of Media

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