Mitch Epstein

Sikkema Jenkins & Co.

Property Rights is a vivid series of large format photographs made across the United States. In an era largely defined by issues of citizenship, immigration, and environmental degradation, Epstein frames the land itself as a charged site of both discord and unity.

through October 5, 2019

Alex Prager

Lehmann Maupin

Well established for her genre-defying approach to image making that timelessly combines eras, cultural references, and personal experiences, the photographs and the film debuted in this exhibition are a fresh reflection on Prager’s place of origin, site of inspiration, and frequent character—the city of Los Angeles.

through October 26, 2019

Michelle Doll

Lyons Wier Gallery

On the surface, Michelle Doll’s meticulous and lovingly rendered figures represent the familiar touch between a couple, the closeness between a mother and child and intimate moments of ecstatic love.

through September 28, 2019

Joy Episalla & Carrie Yamaoka


This is the first exhibition pairing the work of these two artists, who have collaborated as part of a larger collective, and lived together as a couple for over forty years.

through August 25, 2019

Allan Sekula

Marian Goodman Gallery

Sekula may be best known for his substantial essays of images and texts exploring the maritime world, such as Fish Story featured in Okwui Enwezor’s Documenta XI (2002), and subsequent films The Lottery of the Sea (2006) and The Forgotten Space (2010), the latter co-directed with Noël Burch.

through August 23, 2019

Dana Hoey


“During the run of Dana Hoey Presents, my role will be that of Svengali,” Hoey says. “Although I make work as a single subjective, expressive artist, I prefer to emphasize my position as a participant in a larger social construct.”

through August 2, 2019

Margot Bergman

Anton Kern Gallery

Bergman’s unabashed women, presenting themselves in varying stages of done-up and undone, gaze directly back at the viewer. Each of these poignantly human figures possesses a distinct persona, and therefore is named rather than titled. Paintings of Isadore, Portia, and Liz, while fully formed also leave an openness for each soul to wander.

through August 16, 2019

Jonathan Monk

Casey Kaplan Gallery

This show brings together over 120 drawings on restaurant receipts, produced over the last year. Each receipt portrays a hand rendered artwork, and is priced at the cost of the meal.

through July 27, 2019

Tony Cox

Marlborough Contemporary

For his exhibition Shadow Bathing, multidisciplinary artist Tony Cox will present a series of all- new, large-scale, hand-embroidered abstractions on acrylic-coated canvas.

through Aug 2, 2019

Allen Frame

Gitterman Gallery

The title piece Suddenly consists of 5 new black and white portraits, presented with 2 anonymous vintage photos Frame found in the flea market in Rome of one middle-aged man, posed on the street and peering from a balcony.

through August 16, 2019

Sven Lukin

Hollis Taggart

Much has been made over the last decade about the increasingly blurring lines between fine art and design, as function and creative innovation meld to produce compelling new kinds of objects. In this context, artist Sven Lukin’s painting-sculptures of the 1960s feel utterly at home and enticingly contemporary.

through July 12, 2019

Mary T. Smith


Smith (1904–1995) took an intuitive approach to making art and passionately painted self-portraits, as well as people and scenes from her daily life in rural Mississippi.

through July 28, 2019

Prunella Clough


The first solo exhibition of Clough’s work in New York, Blast journeys headlong into Clough’s multifaceted formal practice spanning the 1940s to her passing in 1999 and features seminal examples of Clough’s early Cubist-inspired figurative works and her later playfully enigmatic abstractions.

through June 29, 2019