Gregory Hayes

Nancy Margolis Gallery

Interested in the interaction of colors, Hayes uses color as a catalyst for expressing mood and emotion. Each of the paintings in this exhibition embodies a distinct character and energy as a consequence of the artist’s discerning eye for organizing color across space. 

until April 13th, 2019

Carlos Vega

Jack Shainman Gallery

Mythology, history, and religion meet in Vega’s omnist new body of work. Inspired by the Santas of 17th Century Spanish painter, Francisco de Zubarán, Vega creates spiritual icons for our contemporary world. 

until March 30, 2019

Rosalyn Drexler

Garth Greenan Gallery

Appropriating imagery from popular journals and other printed matter, Drexler transforms otherwise prosaic images by adding bright pigments and creating new contexts. 

until March 30, 2019

Laura Lima

Tanya Bonakdar Gallery

Since the mid--1900s Lima’s practice has been a domain for transgression—continually escaping traditional classifications, her work attempts to visually articulate a personal glossary of concepts that the artist has worked and reworked over the course of her career.

until 4 April, 2019

Jonathan Gardner

Casey Kaplan

Oil paint is rendered in bizarre, flattened compositions that are suspended between art historical motifs culled from a variety of sources, and uncanny manifestations of the artist’s mind.

until April 21, 2019

Hilary Berseth

Van Doren Waxter

Berseth meticulously arranges pencil drawings in three dimensions to create hybrid sculptural works that play with the two-dimensional limitations of the paper. This intimate presentation of sculptural objects underscore the artist’s formal interests in nature, materiality, structure, and perception. 

until March 30, 2019

Nancy Graves

Mitchell - Innes & Nash

An exhibition celebrating the work of Nancy Graves, one of the key figures of post-war art. Titled Mapping is timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the first manned mission to land on the Moon, a subject Graves explored as part of her artistic and conceptual investigation of maps.

until April 06, 2019

Peter Malone

Carter Burden Gallery

In this ongoing series of new paintings, the artist combines image with text. Carefully painted landscape and other subjects are accompanied by phrases that read as fragments of a larger narrative. Some canvases suggest emotional distress, others humor. The range of sentiment is purposefully broad. 

until March 13, 2019

Judith Linhares

P.P.O.W. Gallery

Rooted in the California Bay Area Counter Culture of the 60s and 70s, Linhares’ practice combines modes of abstract expressionism with Bay Area figuration to create uniquely irradiant paintings.

until March 16, 2019

Nari Ward

New Museum

“Nari Ward: We the People” will feature over thirty sculptures, paintings, videos, and large-scale installations from throughout Ward’s twenty-five-year career, highlighting his status as one of the most important and influential sculptors working today. 

until May 26, 2019

Jasper Johns

Matthew Marks

Jasper Johns: Recent Paintings & Works on Paper exhibition includes fifteen paintings and twenty-three works on paper made by artist since 2012. 

until April 6, 2019

Frida Kahlo

Brooklyn Museum

The largest U.S. exhibition in ten years devoted to the iconic painter and the first in the U.S to display a collection of her clothing and other personal possessions, which were rediscovered and inventoried in 2004. They are displayed alongside important paintings, drawings, and photographs from the Jacques and Natasha Gelman Collection of 20th Century Mexican Art.

until May 12, 2019

Judy Pfaff

Miles McEnery

Often considered a pioneer of installation art, Judy Pfaff’s limitlessly innovative work evades categorization and breaks boundaries. Oscillating between the two- dimensional and three-dimensional, Pfaff’s installations react to and penetrate the spaces they inhabit, transforming them into explosively dynamic environments that entice and engage the viewers’ senses.

until March 09, 2019

Candida Höfer

Sean Kelly Gallery

In addition to her iconic large format photographs, the exhibition includes a selection of works that capture the intimate, hidden spaces and unique details of the buildings she explored, taken with a hand-held camera the artist always carries with her. 

until March 16, 2019

Luchita Hurtado

Hauser & Wirth

‘Dark Years,’ focuses on the artist’s early works from the 1940s to the 1950s, a period defined by prolific experimentation. Comprising of crayon and ink paintings on board and paper, graphite and ink drawings, and oil paintings on canvas, the works on view range stylistically from surrealist figuration and geometric patterning to biomorphic forms

until April 6, 2019

Michelle Stuart

Galerie Lelong & Co.

Stuart has worked on both a monumental and intimate scale to excavate universal human experiences, from collective memory to the natural landscape.

until March 9, 2019