Robert Motherwell


This unprecedented exhibition will be the first to focus solely on Motherwell’s approach to large-format painting and will be comprised of eight works spanning the 1960s - 1990, including a core group of paintings from the collection of The Dedalus Foundation.

until May 18, 2019

Naama Tsabar

Kasmin Gallery

In her second exhibition at Kasmin, Dedicated, Tsabar further explores these themes by expanding the borders of movement of the female body.

until May 4, 2019

Julia Wachtel

Mary Boone Gallery

For her first solo exhibition with the Gallery, Wachtel continues to explore the relationship between the viewer, collective memory and reference, and the constant stream of visual information that defines contemporary experience.

until April 27, 2019

Paul Mpagi Sepuya

Team Gallery

In this exhibition, Sepuya articulates the unfolding conditions of his practice, developing and entangling ongoing projects that challenge the viewer to read these images as both portraits and the elements of portraiture set in motion. 

until April 13, 2019

Jean-Michel Basquiat

The Brant Foundation

About 70 paintings and drawings by the late artist have been assembled at the newly redone space, which served as the studio of Walter De Maria; prized works from Brant’s holdings are complemented in the show by significant loans from François Pinault, Yusaku Maezawa, and other notable collectors.

until May 15, 2019


Gagosian Gallery

He began exhibiting at Dwan Gallery in Los Angeles and New York, and was included in the now legendary 1967 exhibition Language to be looked at and/ or things to be read.

until April 13, 2019

Derrick Adams

Luxembourg & Dayan

Inspired by a tenet of Catholic theology that describes "a life which seeks God in everything,” Interior Life is a mediation on the intimate spaces of one’s mind and home, each an analog for the other.

until April 20, 2019

Davide Balliano

Tina Kim Gallery

The paintings in the exhibition continue Balliano’s exploration of patterns reduced to their most basic contours; for the artist, this interest is exemplified in this use of different wave patterns. In these new works, he has successfully layered the dimensions of these forms setting them into motion.

until April 13, 2019

Kiki Smith

Pace Gallery

Encompassing etchings, cyanotypes, contact prints and sculptural works in bronze, aluminum, and silver, the exhibition underscores the truly multidisciplinary approach to art-making that Smith has pursued throughout her career. 

until March 30, 2019

Gregory Hayes

Nancy Margolis Gallery

Interested in the interaction of colors, Hayes uses color as a catalyst for expressing mood and emotion. Each of the paintings in this exhibition embodies a distinct character and energy as a consequence of the artist’s discerning eye for organizing color across space. 

until April 13, 2019

Alice Neel

David Zwirner

An exhibition of paintings and significant works on paper by Alice Neel (1900–1984). The show focuses on the artist’s portrayal of the nude figure and the ways in which Neel resolutely challenged traditional perceptions of sexuality, motherhood, and beauty.

until April 13, 2019

Joan Miró

The Museum of Modern Art

Drawn from MoMA’s unrivaled collection of Miró’s work, augmented by several key loans, this exhibition situates The Birth of the World in relation to other major works by the artist. It presents some 60 paintings, works on paper, prints, illustrated books, and objects.

until July 6, 2019

Hans Op de Beeck

Marianne Boesky Gallery

Staging Silence (3), a new film created by Brussels-based artist Hans Op de Beeck is on view alongside a new life-sized sculpture, several smaller sculptural works, and a selection of watercolors to provide a more holistic experience of the artist’s wide-ranging practice.

until April 6, 2019

Carlos Vega

Jack Shainman Gallery

Mythology, history, and religion meet in Vega’s omnist new body of work. Inspired by the Santas of 17th Century Spanish painter, Francisco de Zubarán, Vega creates spiritual icons for our contemporary world. 

until March 30, 2019

Rosalyn Drexler

Garth Greenan Gallery

Appropriating imagery from popular journals and other printed matter, Drexler transforms otherwise prosaic images by adding bright pigments and creating new contexts. 

until March 30, 2019