Li Songsong

Pace Gallery

The exhibition features his most recent works—canvases whose thick layers of paint depict everyday scenes as well as historical imagery culled from found photographs.

through December 21, 2019

Michael Wolf

Bruce Silverstein

Paris to Hong Kong. He examined not only building facades as art objects themselves, but also the lives within these buildings.

through December 21, 2019

Simen Johan

Yossi Milo Gallery

Known for his psychologically charged depictions of the natural world, Johan intensifies the drama in his new work, featuring animals in turbulent scenes of power play and theatrical poses.

through December 7, 2019

Jason Rhoades

David Zwirner

American artist Jason Rhoades’s large-scale installation Tijuanatanjierchandelier, on view at 519 West 19th Street.

through December 7, 2019

Betye Saar

The new MoMA

The Legends of Black Girl’s Window is drawn almost entirely from the Museum’s collection, and highlights the recent acquisition of 42 works on paper that provide an overview of Saar’s sophisticated, experimental print practice.

through January 4, 2020

Ana Mendiata

Galerie Lelong & Co.

La tierra habla presents works that Mendieta created during her trips back to the island nation in the early 1980s, as the first exiled artist officially recognized by the Cuban Ministry of Culture to practice within its borders.

through November 16, 2019

Sanam Khatibi


Featuring new paintings by the self-taught Belgian artist, this exhibition both captivates and repels in its interrogation of personal and political power structures within its entirely ambiguous, impartial, and sometimes cruel setting.

through November 16, 2019

Robert Kushner

DC Moore Gallery

Robert Kushner’s ongoing fascination with decorative and modernist traditions, the use of fabric as a form of cultural expression, and the interfacing of ‘high’ and ‘low’ traditions is evident in this sumptuous exhibition of new paintings.

through November 9, 2019

Alex Bradley Cohen

Nicelle Beauchene Gallery

Cohen utilizes portraiture to visualize the push and pull of identity and interpersonal relationships. Working with acrylic paint on canvas, the artist depicts friends, family members, and himself in scenes that foreground everyday moments.

through November 10, 2019

Vik Muniz

Sikkema Jenkins & Co.

It was only after moving to the US in 1983 that Vik Muniz was able to physically engage with the art he had known exclusively through reproductions in Brazil.

through November 16, 2019

Nicolas Moufarrege

Queens Museum

During a career that lasted just over a decade, he created an original and idiosyncratic body of embroidered paintings made in Beirut; Paris, France; and New York City.

through February 16, 2020

Jenna Gribbon

Fredericks & Freiser

Our contributing editor Jennifer Rose Bonilla-Edgington reviewed Jenna Gribbon’s “When I Looked At You The Light Changed” exhibition. Read all about it here!

through November 2, 2019

James Gortner

Lyons Wier Gallery

Gortner continues to refine and expand on subjects and forms he has explored throughout his career, all the while pushing his work into new terrain.

through November 2, 2019

Carmen Argote

New Museum

Los Angeles–based artist Carmen Argote (b. 1981, Guadalajara, Mexico) traces, layers, and transforms diverse materials sourced from her surroundings.

through January 5, 2020

Henry Taylor

Blum & Poe

Consistent with Taylor’s oeuvre, these new paintings weave together visual references spanning contemporary politics, American social adversity, and the faces of his milieu articulated through the language of portraiture.

through November 2, 2019