Allen Frame

Gitterman Gallery

The title piece Suddenly consists of 5 new black and white portraits, presented with 2 anonymous vintage photos Frame found in the flea market in Rome of one middle-aged man, posed on the street and peering from a balcony.

through August 16, 2019

Sven Lukin

Hollis Taggart

Much has been made over the last decade about the increasingly blurring lines between fine art and design, as function and creative innovation meld to produce compelling new kinds of objects. In this context, artist Sven Lukin’s painting-sculptures of the 1960s feel utterly at home and enticingly contemporary.

through July 12, 2019

Mary T. Smith


Smith (1904–1995) took an intuitive approach to making art and passionately painted self-portraits, as well as people and scenes from her daily life in rural Mississippi.

through July 28, 2019

Prunella Clough


The first solo exhibition of Clough’s work in New York, Blast journeys headlong into Clough’s multifaceted formal practice spanning the 1940s to her passing in 1999 and features seminal examples of Clough’s early Cubist-inspired figurative works and her later playfully enigmatic abstractions.

through June 29, 2019

Mo Kong

CUE Art Foundation

Blurring fact and fiction, art and science, truth and near-truth, the artist turns the gallery into an immersive installation exploring a not-so-distant future in which China and the United States are in the midst of a political Cold War, echoed externally by an atmospheric antagonism rendered by climate change that has turned China and the U.S. into the hot and cold centers of the world.

through July 10, 2019

Julia Scher

Ortuzar Projects

The first solo exhibition of Julia Scher in New York in fifteen years, it includes significant works from the late 1980s through the mid-2000s, and a new sound piece.

through July 26, 2019

Teppei Kaneuji

Jane Lombard Gallery

Kyoto-based artist, Teppei Kaneuji investigates natural phenomena, history and mass consumption and his multidisciplinary practice incorporates sculpture, drawing, painting, and performance to explore themes of transformation.

through July 3, 2019

Constantin Brâncuşi

Bruce Silverstein Gallery

Brâncuşi’s Flowers offers an unprecedented opportunity to view eight of the sixteen known images on the subject matter. Each photographed and printed by the artist in his darkroom during the 1920s and 1930s, these still lifes, or “nature’s readymades”, served dual purposes for the artist. 

through June 29, 2019

Leonardo Drew

Galerie Lelong & Co.

With this exhibition, Drew expands his practice to incorporate a wider spectrum of color and to explore new aspects of his materials.

through August 2, 2019 

Idris Khan

Sean Kelly Gallery

Blue Rhythms, featuring a new body of paintings, photographs and sculpture that continue the artist’s investigation into the passage and collapse of time and its use within textual, musical and visual bodies.

through June 22, 2019

Joan Mitchell

David Zwirner

The works on view—which span four decades of Mitchell’s career—will allow for a unique opportunity to explore the range of scale and formal experimentation of this innovative facet of her oeuvre. 

through June 22, 2019

John Baldessari

Marian Goodman Gallery

Departing from the art historical canon to explore an entirely new subject matter, Baldessari focuses our attention on the physical world in this new body of work, featuring icons and events of natural phenomena.

through June 15, 2019

Chris Ofili

David Zwirner

The title of the exhibition references René Magritte’s eponymous painting of 1935, which Ofili explores in drawings that employ the compositional organization of the Surrealist’s work as a structure for his own rich and layered colorism.

through June 15, 2019