Richard Roth

Margaret Thatcher Projects

This is the artist’s first solo exhibition at Thatcher Projects, which features 3D polychrome “object” paintings that involve Roth’s continuing interest and explorations in play, the quotidian, and the retinal.

through November 2, 2019

Hannah van Bart

Marianne Boesky Gallery

Over her multi-decade career, van Bart has come to be recognized for her melding of figural and abstract modes to convey both the physical and emotional contours of a person or place. 

through October 26, 2019

Ben Gocker


With Foskers & Egg Whites, Gocker presents a new body of large-scale assemblages fashioned from carved and painted wood pieces, tin cans, wire, rocks, and newspaper.

through October 12, 2019

Doron Langberg

Yossi Milo Gallery

Langberg’s visualizations of queerness—both his own and those of the many queer subjects depicted—move beyond the traditional shorthand of signs and easily recognizable queer iconographies.

through October 19, 2019

Amy Sherald

Hauser & Wirth

Sherald debuts a suite of new paintings that reinforces the multiplicities of African-American life and invites viewers to reconsider commonly accepted notions of race and representation.

through October 26, 2019

Domestic Horror

Gagosian Gallery

Addressing the darker fears that arise when we encounter the unknown, Domestic Horror probes the friction between the civilized world and baser human impulses.

through October 19, 2019

Roy DeCarava

David Zwirner

Over the course of six decades, DeCarava produced a singular collection of black-and-white photographs that combines formal acuity with an intimate and deeply human treatment of his subjects.

through October 26, 2019

Alex Prager

Lehmann Maupin

Well established for her genre-defying approach to image making that timelessly combines eras, cultural references, and personal experiences, the photographs and the film debuted in this exhibition are a fresh reflection on Prager’s place of origin, site of inspiration, and frequent character—the city of Los Angeles.

through October 26, 2019

Michelle Doll

Lyons Wier Gallery

On the surface, Michelle Doll’s meticulous and lovingly rendered figures represent the familiar touch between a couple, the closeness between a mother and child and intimate moments of ecstatic love.

through September 28, 2019

Jay Stuckey

Anna Zorina Gallery

The show features paintings that reveal the wild world of the artist’s dreams and visions. In this series, Stuckey provides an intimate view into his personal psyche in order to tap into a universal understanding.

through October 12, 2019

Mitch Epstein

Sikkema Jenkins & Co.

Property Rights is a vivid series of large format photographs made across the United States. In an era largely defined by issues of citizenship, immigration, and environmental degradation, Epstein frames the land itself as a charged site of both discord and unity.

through October 5, 2019

Michelle Doll

Artist Survey

For Artspeak’s Artist Survey, our publishing director Atesh M. Gundogdu emailed some of his favorite artists few questions. He asked them about their exhibitions, their thoughts and some quirkier personal questions. Here are some answers from Michelle Doll for the upcoming exhibition “"As Above, So Below"

Joy Episalla & Carrie Yamaoka


This is the first exhibition pairing the work of these two artists, who have collaborated as part of a larger collective, and lived together as a couple for over forty years.

through August 25, 2019

Allan Sekula

Marian Goodman Gallery

Sekula may be best known for his substantial essays of images and texts exploring the maritime world, such as Fish Story featured in Okwui Enwezor’s Documenta XI (2002), and subsequent films The Lottery of the Sea (2006) and The Forgotten Space (2010), the latter co-directed with Noël Burch.

through August 23, 2019

Dana Hoey


“During the run of Dana Hoey Presents, my role will be that of Svengali,” Hoey says. “Although I make work as a single subjective, expressive artist, I prefer to emphasize my position as a participant in a larger social construct.”

through August 2, 2019