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Dave Muller

Artist Survey

In over fifty new paintings depicting the circular labels of assorted vinyl albums and singles, Muller draws upon his endless fascination and encyclopedic knowledge of music and its capacity to shape both individual and cultural identities. Dave Muller answers our publishing director Atesh's questionnaire.

until June 30, 2018

Nathan Ritterpusch

Castor Gallery

These works explore contemporary notions of beauty, ephemerality and Ritterpusch’s curious relationship to the women that are contemporaries of his mother. Our contributor editor Eda Ozdoyuran interviewed Nathan about his New York exhibition.       

until Feb 3rd, 2018

Joyce Kozloff

DC Moore Gallery

An exhibition that unites the artist’s ongoing mixed media cartographic art with recently unearthed childhood drawings. Artspeak editor Yasemin Vargi spoke with the artist about Girlhood

until Nov 4, 2017

Afruz Amighi

Leila Heller Gallery

The materials employed by the artist includes fiberglass mesh, graphite, chain, steel and light to produce shadows that reflects the artist’s ongoing exploration of geometry and scared spaces. Our contributor editor Eda Ozdoyuran interviewed the artist who was in New York for her recent exhibition opening.

until July 28, 2017

Peter Joseph

Lisson Gallery

Over the decades, the gallery has mounted tens of exhibitions dedicated to the work by the renowned painter; their first collaboration in New York includes a new body of work that manifests his interest in looser and freer forms. Artspeak editor Osman Can Yerebakan interviewed Joseph about his contemplative and joyous New York exhibition.       

until August 11, 2017

FOUND: Queer Archaeology; Queer Abstraction

Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art

Curated by artist and AIDS/HIV activist Avram Finkelstein, the ambitious exhibition is one of the first exhibition projects presented at Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art’s newly-designed gallery space that opened its doors earlier in 2007. Artpseak editor Osman Can Yerebakan talked with Finkelstein about FOUND.    

until September 10, 2017

Anna Stothart

Lehmann Maupin

Adapting its title from a work by Gibson, From whisper to a scream proposes various modes to look at the current socio-political landscape through geometric abstraction, color, and form. Artspeak editor Osman Can Yerebakan spoke with the exhibition curator Anna Stothart about her decision to bring these three artists together. 

until September 1, 2017