Oscar Wilde & Wilhelm von Gloeden

Shin Gallery

Marvellous Boys, an exhibition consisting of photographs by German photographer Wilhelm von Gloeden and an autograph revision of The Picture of Dorian Gray by Irish writer Oscar Wilde.

until Sep 30, 2018

Julio Larraz

Miles McEnery Gallery 

By manipulating and altering the familiar, he challenges the viewer to more closely examine and engage with the ideas embedded in his precisely rendered scenes.

until Aug 17, 2018

Nicholas Hlobo

Lehmann Maupin

For Nicholas Hlobo’s second exhibition with the gallery, the South African artist will show recent mixed media paintings and sculptures that merge his signature materials of ribbon, leather, wood, and rubber employed with conceptual specificity to address complex issues of identity.

until August 24, 2018

David Wojnarowicz


The exhibition will open in conjunction with Wojnarowicz’s first major institutional traveling retrospective David Wojnarowicz: History Keeps Me Awake at Night at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

until Aug 24, 2018


Perrotin Gallery

Starting out as an artist on the streets of Paris when he was still a teen, JR rose to international acclaim when he won the coveted TED Prize for his socially active art in 2011.

until August 17, 2018

Sue de Beer

Marianne Boesky Gallery

The White Wolf. The film uses the classic werewolf narrative as a lens through which to explore broader themes of transformation, memory, and the psychology and physicality that form our sense of self. 

until August 3, 2018

John Akomfrah

New Museum

The work of British artist, film director, and writer John Akomfrah first garnered attention during the early 1980s when he was part of the Black Audio Film Collective, a group of seven artists that was established following the 1981 Brixton Riots in London. 

until Sept 2, 2018

Tim Gardner

303 Gallery

Known for his exacting watercolors depicting scenes of typically masculine coming-of-age scenarios, here Gardner trains his eye onto New York City, tracing the nature of memory and sensation as they relate to urban environments.

until July 13, 2018

Naufus Ramírez-Figueroa

New Museum

Working in performance, sculpture, drawing, and printmaking, Naufus Ramírez-Figueroa creates dreamlike scenes that build on references to literature, folklore, magic, and childhood memories.

until September 09, 2018

Sheida Soleimani

CUE Art Foundation

Titled Medium of Exchange, the exhibition presents sculptural photographic tableaus that address the relationship between dictatorships and the petroleum industry at a time when oil has become a form of international currency and a source of warfare. 

until July 14, 2018

Erin M. Riley

PPOW Gallery

For her work, Riley sources yarn from shuttered textile mills around the United States; she then washes, strips and hand-dyes the wool before weaving on a Macomber loom.

until June 30, 2018

Nick Cave

Jack Shainman Gallery

This presentation will debut a series of wire Tondos, in which swirling cacophonies of colors are created from the layered mapping of cataclysmic weather patterns superimposed onto brain scans of black youth suffering from PTSD as a result of gun violence.

until June 23, 2018

Urs Fischer

Gagosian Gallery

Titled Sōtatsu, the exhibition of works by Urs Fischer will feature nine of his new paintings inspired by the hand scrolls and painted screens of early seventeenth-century Japanese artist Tawaraya Sōtatsu. 

until June 23rd, 2018

Andrew Lord

Gladstone Gallery

The works on view were most recently exhibited as part of the artist’s solo installation on the Bluhm Family Terrace at the Art Institute of Chicago.

until Jun 16, 2018

John Baldessari

Marian Goodman Gallery

Building on Baldessari’s homages to the art historical canon, which have centered on subjects from Giotto to Miro to Pollock/Benton, the new exhibition pairs two icons of art, Picabia and Mondrian. 

until June 22, 2018