Don Van Vliet

Michael Werner Gallery

"Works on Paper" brings attention to drawings and paintings the artist created until 2000, marking the return of the artist’s work to New York after a decade.

until July 13, 2017

Afruz Amighi

Leila Heller Gallery

The materials employed by the artist includes fiberglass mesh, graphite, chain, steel and light to produce shadows that reflects the artist’s ongoing exploration of geometry and scared spaces. Our contributor editor Eda Ozdoyuran interviewed the artist who was in New York for her recent exhibition opening.

until July 28, 2017

Philippe Vandenberg

Hauser & Wirth

Fueled by obsession, curiosity, and inquisitiveness, Vandenberg’s creative drive encompasses painting and work on paper in which color and form intertwine and build a highly subjective and introspective artistic manifestation.

until July 28, 201

Peter Joseph

Lisson Gallery

Over the decades, the gallery has mounted tens of exhibitions dedicated to the work by the renowned painter; their first collaboration in New York includes a new body of work that manifests his interest in looser and freer forms. Artspeak editor Osman Can Yerebakan interviewed Joseph about his contemplative and joyous New York exhibition.       

until August 11, 2017

Thread Benefit Exhibition

David Zwirner

Bringing together 28 works by an impressive roster of artists, David Zwirner’s summer group exhibition aims to provide support to Thread, a socio-cultural community center located in Sinthian, a small village on the southeastern part of Senegal.

until July 21, 2017

FOUND: Queer Archaeology; Queer Abstraction

Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art

Curated by artist and AIDS/HIV activist Avram Finkelstein, the ambitious exhibition is one of the first exhibition projects presented at Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art’s newly-designed gallery space that opened its doors earlier in 2007. Artpseak editor Osman Can Yerebakan talked with Finkelstein about FOUND.    

until September 10, 2017

Anna Stothart

Lehmann Maupin

Adapting its title from a work by Gibson, From whisper to a scream proposes various modes to look at the current socio-political landscape through geometric abstraction, color, and form. Artspeak editor Osman Can Yerebakan spoke with the exhibition curator Anna Stothart about her decision to bring these three artists together. 

until September 1, 2017

Ali Banisadr

Sperone Westwate

Combining elements from traditional European painting with global socio-political consciousness, the Iranian-American artist leaves mesmerizing marks on the canvas, building narratives on displacement, tragedy, and chaos.

until June 24, 2017

Mike Berg

Site: Brooklyn

The exhibition encompasses the artist's latest body of work, including tapestry, drawing, and sculpture that Berg uses to recapture the fleeting moment of creation.

until June 11, 2017

Jay Heikes

Marianne Boesky Gallery

Heikes explores the physical and perceptual barriers inspired by today’s social and political landscape through his installations that guide the viewer around the space with their abstract angles and forms. Yasemin Vargi interviewed Jay Heikes about his recent body of work.

until June 17, 2017

Tobias Pils

Galerie Eva Presenhuber

“Before I start to work on a new painting, I have a clear vision of its motif, temperature, and its form. However, the process of painting itself is the chance to lead me to a point and solution that I could not have thought of in advance. Sometimes, the painting is finished when any trace of the primary idea has dissolved.” — Tobias Pils

until June 17, 2017

Jennifer Wen Ma

Sandra Gering Inc.

Blending characteristics of traditional Chinese art with a contemporary approach, Jennifer Wen Ma creates delicate, ephemeral installations using hand cut paper, ink, glass, and light.

until July 28, 2017

Irving Penn

Pace/Macgill Gallery

From the very beginning of his photographic career at Conde Nast in 1943, Penn was highly interested in the theatricality of the clothes. Instead of simply capturing the fabrics, he was organizing the photoshoots around a theme or an event that acted as context for the garments.

until June 29, 2017

Shirin Neshat

Gladstone Gallery

Street-cast from an upstate town where the artist spends some of her time, the opaque figures reflect Neshat’s interpretation of American identity. Artspeak editor Osman Can Yerebakan spoke with Neshat about Dreamers. 

until June 17, 2017

Eric Fischl

Skarstedt Gallery

His sharp grasp of ennui and fatigue embedded in upper middle-class backyard pools and well-decorated interiors makes strong commentary on a lifestyle he mostly grew up with.

until June 24, 2017